Eyewise SchoolVision Assessment

Eyewise SchoolVision Assessment

  • Are you worried about your child’s reading and learning progress at school?
  • Is your child a reluctant reader?
  • Do they have a low attention span when it comes to reading?
  • Do they appear to fidget; or screw up one or both eyes when reading?
  • Do they hold books very close to their eyes when reading or writing?
  • Is your child lacking self-confidence when it comes to learning and problem-solving?
  • Does your child avoid brightly-lit environments, such as shopping centres? Do they like dull, muted surroundings?
  • Are you worried about behavioural issues about your child?


If you can answer “Yes” to any of these, then a SchoolVision Assessment (SVA) may well provide some solutions.

The Eyewise SVA is a series of checks and tests, not only about what your child may see, but how the eyes work together as a pair.

You may have good vision in each eye, but that does not always mean your eyes work together.

If your eyes do not work together, this may lead to problems with binocular vision, and may well affect depth perception( Child can appear clumsy).

In addition, the SVA looks at convergence and tracking problems- both very significant in having stable binocular vision.

Many people have visual stress(sometimes referred to as “Mearles Irlen Syndrome”)- a type of strain that affects visual processing, often due to reading high contrast black print on white background. Use of coloured overlays is often the first step in overcoming visual stress. Colorimetry, using coloured filters that can be incorporated into glasses will offer a more practical long-term solution.

Many children will also benefit from eye muscle exercises, to help co-ordinate the eyes better.

The Eyewise SVA system is a series of care appointments where we may be able to help your child become more confident with his/her reading and learning. Every child is unique in their requirement, and so typically the SVA care regime can last 6 to 18 months. Most children show an improvement in reading performance within three months.

The SVA system is ideal for most children from the age of 7 upwards, although with younger children, a shortened assessment may well identify weak areas that can be addressed.

In the formative years 80% of a child’s learning is through their eyes- i.e. what they see, how they see, how they process and understand the things that they read. An SVA assessment may well change the life of a child who may be struggling with his learning.

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