Three Choices of Eye Care

Select the essential eye health check that best suits your vision and lifestyle

At Eyewise, we believe that you should have the opportunity to select the eye health check that best suits your vision and lifestyle. No two people share the same vision and your eye examination should be personalised towards your individual needs.

Our skilled and friendly team have created three fantastic choices of eye care for you. When you visit us in our Uxbridge opticians practice, we will assess and recommend which eye health check we think would best suit you.

Our three choices of eye care

Standard choice includes:

  • Full eye examination including assessment of your eye health, history and recent symptoms
  • Measuring your vision with old glasses
  • Calculating your new prescription if needed
  • Anatomy and ocular health check
  • Retina check
  • Eye pressure check
  • General medical check

Premium choice includes:

  • Everything included in our Standard choice
  • An extended peripheral vision check
  • An OCT or Optomap scan with retinal photography which gives a greater understanding of the health of your eyes.

Premium Plus choice includes:

  • Everything included in our Premium choice
  • A written report on your visual health for you to keep
If you are unsure of the eye care choice that best suits you, our friendly team are always on hand to give you all the information you need and answer any questions that you may have.

Booking your next essential eye health check with us is easy. Simply call 01895 234563