Children’s Eye Care

Are you looking for a child-friendly environment, where adequate time and attention is allocated for the welfare of your child’s eyes?

Would you like help and advice from a qualified professional in choosing the right type of glasses for your child’s prescription needs?

Do you feel it is important that a child’s experience at the Opticians is a positive one, to help them learn how to look after their eyes?

If the answer is “yes”, then we could be the place to take your child for their eye care.

Eye Care and Glasses

At our Opticians in Hillingdon, West London, children’s eye tests are allocated 30 minutes. We want your child to feel relaxed so that they can get the maximum benefit from all the possible tests appropriate for their age.

Our enhanced eye care option uses the Optomap Widefield Scan technology, and this is available for all children over 10 years of age. For a small charge, the Optomap scan takes a wide field photograph of the back of the eyes. The information is invaluable in detecting and monitoring unusual changes at the back of the eye, changes that may not affect the vision, but important to watch.

Children can go through quick growth spurts, so it is always so important that glasses are chosen correctly, not just for looks (which is important!), but also for correct fitting, comfort and durability.

Our “Young Eyes” styling consultations, carried out by qualified Opticians, ensure that due care and attention is afforded to every child who needs glasses. Our interest lies in helping each and every child make the best use of the world they see through the correct use of their glasses.

Lenses made of toughened plastic, such as Tribrid, give very good eye protection, especially to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life.

Prescription sunglasses for children can offer another degree of protection from the harmful effects of Ultra Violet light on the eyes; a very important consideration if glasses need to be used outdoors.

Children's eye care in Uxbridge

Contact Lenses for Children

For many children, a very useful alternative is contact lenses.

At Eyewise Opticians, for a number of years, we have been offering the Eyedream lens- a unique way of correcting moderate levels of short sight(myopia) by wearing contact lenses overnight. The lenses reshape the eyes during sleep hours, leaving the person with clear, comfortable vision without any correction during the day!

The Eyedream lens, in many instances, has also shown to be effective in managing myopia progression, so the concept can work very well if lenses are fitted in the early stages of myopia.

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