Another valued patient explains why we are their first choice for their whole family’s eye care.

“My pink tinted glasses have changed my life for the better. I feel much more confident when reading, and for the first time ever I enjoy reading short stories. My glasses make everything easier and if I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t be doing as well at school as I am”.


In May this year, I was devastated to hear my child say that the reason why she was struggling to read her school book to me was because all the words were blurred & kept moving around!! V had never told anyone of this massive problem and I had never heard of Visual Stress. Since Harsh tested her in July, V has been wearing her prescription tinted glasses for reading & computer work, and her progress has been amazing – she is beginning to catch up with her school work and no longer fears reading out aloud in front of her friends. I cried when I heard her read out a whole page of writing fluently for the first time in her life. A huge thank you to Harsh for being so patient in explaining about Visual Stress and for motivating V to improve month by month”.

Parent of VC

“The extent to which my new glasses have impacted and improved my life is astronomical, and I couldn’t have imagined how great my vision would be.

My reading has hugely developed. As well as the words no longer moving or being surrounded by a grey haze, my reading speed has improved so much. Furthermore, my confidence in reading aloud and to others has very much grown. Before having my blue glasses, I would get frequent headaches from looking at the bright screen for more than 15 minutes, and therefore could not do my homework. Now, I can stay on my computer at home and school for as long as I need or want to.

I must thank everyone at Eyewise, especially Mr. Shah, as my life has truly been changed for the better.”

KDC, student

“I would like to thank the team at Eyewise for the wonderful treatment that my son received for Visual Stress. He was suffering with daily headaches which affected every aspect of his life, including his school work. When he had to do computer research he would rely on me to do it for him as he could not cope with the glare from the computer. Even though he is a bright child, he rarely read for pleasure.

Since getting his tinted lenses his life has improved dramatically. He no longer gets headaches every day, and can spend as much time as he wants on the computer; it’s wonderful to see him now choose to do extra school work, and he now takes a reading book into to school every day!”

Parent of KDC

“As a family we have been customers with Eyewise Opticians for over 20 years. We have always found them to be helpful, informative and professional, providing us with excellent customer service throughout those years.

Harsh has an extensive knowledge and when informing us of a hereditary issue within the family we were sympathetically advised and supported by him and his staff.

We appreciate the personal touch knowing the family first rather than us as customers and we always receive a smile and a wave when we are just passing by the shop. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any of our extended family or friends.”

“We have been using Eyewise Opticians since they first opened 19 years ago. We find their staff to be extremely helpful and they go out of their way to help us whenever needed.  Glaucoma is a condition on Mr Taylor’s side of the family, and Eyewise monitors the condition frequently.

Mr Taylor’s father also attends Eyewise because of his Glaucoma, and his mother does too as they feel very confident with the service they receive.

We will continue to use Eyewise as we are all extremely happy with the excellent care we receive.”

The Taylor Family

“My son started School Vision assessment just over a year ago- on starting he had problems with concentration, reading, writing and spelling. The use of bifocal lenses have proved invaluable and he has come on leaps and bounds with his reading, no longer halting but very fluid.His concentration is much better. Thank you for your continued support with Michael, it is much appreciated!”

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our opinion of the service that Eyewise opticians have given us over the years. It has always been a very friendly, efficient and caring opticians. We now have three generations of our family getting their glasses from them. In addition, we have always attended a curry fund raising evening once a year. The family and staff have always cooked a fantastic meal on these evenings, and the entertainment they provided has been first class.

We look forward to going to the opticians as there is always a big smile and a friendly welcome from Harsh and his staff.”

“My family have been visiting Eyewise for many years. We have always found the Eyewise Team to be friendly, helpful & courteous – with no request too much trouble. The team always take the time to explain test results, treatment and options, and listen to our concerns. I recently needed a glasses frame repair, to be undertaken in Austria which the team arranged for me very swiftly, keeping me in the loop with regular updates.

I would recommend Eyewise as a professional service without a second thought.”


“Eyewise  Opticians  have  supported  our  small  charity (Hillingdon Brain Tumour Group) since we were founded  in 2009. They have been active in raising  awareness and organising fundraising events for  the  charity.  This includes  placing  our collection boxes  in  their  practice  to  arrange  a Charity  Curry  evening  with a dinner  and dance. Eyewise  also  have taken on  and  offered  their  advice and  assistance  to  our  members.

A  huge  thank  you  goes  to  Eyewise  for  all  their  wonderful  support and their  staff, who  are  always  on  hand  to  assist  any  of  our  members with their  vision issues. Without  their continued  support,  we  would certainly be  lacking  in  advice  and  support. Eyewise,  you  do  not  realise how much  you  have  helped  so  many  families  and  saved  so  many lives. These  families  will   be  eternally  grateful  for  all  the  support  you have given.”

Becky Haggar

“Dear Mr Shah and the team at Eyewise Opticians,I thank you for your contribution with materials to help the needy people in the rural villages in Sri Lanka. The materials will be used to improve the vision of people who cannot afford to fund themselves to take care of their vision. The person will then be taken to the nearest Optometrist to fit  a suitable pair of spectacles out of those you have provided. I will update you regularly with details on how you have made a difference to another person’s life.

Ranjit Nagalingam

“I first went to Eyewise in 2005, after having three pairs of glasses being wrongly prescribed by a well-known High Street Opticians. Mr Shah made the correct diagnosis, and rectified my problem.

Since then I have used Eyewise regularly for all aspects of my Eye Care needs.

Mr Shah has always had the time and patience to explain the situation and reassure me about any treatment.

I must say that the Receptionists are always friendly and even take time to telephone and confirm an appointment the previous day.

There is a chance I may have to move to the coast, but I will certainly not change my Optician!”

Mrs. Irene Casimir

“I feel you have all become friends, as opposed to people who provide me with a service.

I can’t think of a better way of describing how well you manage to look after both me and my wife.
You seem to have a special knack of knowing how to handle client relationships with a professional yet very approachable attitude which always makes for an agreeable visit.”

Mr D Carey

“My mother and I would like to thank Mr. Shah and his receptionists for their professional advice, charming manners and attention today.

“I have used Eyewise in Hillingdon for a number of years now and receive a professional yet friendly service. The great advantage of Eyewise is the knowledgeable well established staff and I also see the same Optician Mr. Shah each time who is excellent.

“My regular opticians for a couple of years now. I always receive great service and advice from the well established staff and particularly from Mr. Shah…..I have no complaints whatsoever.

“Contact Lenses have changed my life because I can do more sports without worrying about my glasses slipping down my face.Also daily contact lenses do not need cleaning like glasses do and you can see much better in the rain. Contacts are really great- they have helped me and I will definitely keep on wearing them. “

Alice-age 11

“I purchased these special glasses in the hope that they would improve my golf and I was not disappointed. Previously I wore varifocals  but these golf glasses give me a much wider field of vision especially when putting. A PARTICULARLY GOOD INVESTMENT.”

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