Are Your Eyes Getting Tired Working From Home?

Are Your Eyes Getting Tired Working From Home?

Business at Eyewise has continued in a very consistent fashion in the last few months. Like most retail businesses, our footfall has reduced, and this is expected and understandable as people are abiding by the lockdown guidelines. Nevertheless, demand for eye care carries on!

We continue to see people on a “needs-basis”. This means that if you are worried about your eyesight or eye health, or need to get a new pair of glasses ordered, then we can definitely help you!

The staff are well versed with Covid-19 health and safety protocols; only a few days ago, we all received our lateral flow testing kits. This means that the staff, who deal with the public on a daily basis, can now monitor themselves for Covid infection.

A common theme seeing patients is that of many suffering from eyestrain and headache, often attributed to working from home, sometimes longer hours, using digital devices. Working at a fixed close distance means that there is more pressure on the convergence system (the ability for your eyes to keep pointed at the task) as well as the focussing system. This prolonged effort can result in eyes feeling tired and strained, sometimes affecting concentration levels.

A similar problem can arise with some hobbies, such as needlework or model-making- tasks which can involve prolonged concentration at very close distances sometimes. Add to this the fact that the eye can become dry which can cause soreness, grittiness, frequent blinking as a way of coping, and runny eyes.

A thorough eye examination that includes a binocular vision assessment can often highlight some of these issues and identify solutions to give comfort and relief from symptoms. Some people may benefit from a dry eye assessment, following which one can give a management plan to overcome symptoms of a dry eye.

In many cases, a low power spectacle prescription can make all the difference in alleviating eye strain. Lenses can be ordered with a Blue Filter Anti Glare coating which eliminates the glare from blue light that emanates from digital devices (iPads, computer screens, mobile phones). Reducing eye strain and fatigue by overcoming blue light glare may also benefit sleep patterns.


If you can resonate with some of these issues, and have been struggling with the eyes due to the workload, then all you need to do is book yourself for a comprehensive eye check that will also include a scan of the back of the eyes. The time investment in an eye examination may well be one of the best preventative healthcare decisions you will make this year!

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