Are you struggling to see the computer screen with your reading spectacles?

Are you struggling to see the computer screen with your reading spectacles?

Do you use your computer at work or at home on a regular basis and find yourself struggling to see the screen whilst wearing your reading glasses?  Or are you someone who wears spectacles when cooking or shopping and feel you are forever taking them on and off to read the small print? Do you have problems using your mobile phone, sending a text or using an  I pad.    If these are some of the problems that you are experiencing then why not visit Eyewise opticians and talk to our qualified Dispensing Optician Bijal Kotadia who will be able to make certain recommendations based on your prescription and lifestyle. Bijal will be able to advice you on the type of lenses that match your individual requirements,   depending on what you do for a living, you might want to consider a different pair of spectacles for the work environment.


There are so many spectacle lens options nowadays which use the latest technology, they are digitally made and with high definition. So this can offer the clearest, brightest vision and can be tailored to your lifestyle and needs.   Special lifestyle lenses could be the answer to some of the difficulties you may be experiencing these are known as occupational, computer or office type lenses. What these lenses do is give you an enhanced range for both near and intermediate vision. Essentially what this means is that you have the convenience to keep your spectacles on even whilst looking at the computer screen or cooking, or simply looking up to speak to someone.

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  • Daniel John
    Posted at 07:17h, 20 May Reply

    One of the best ways how you can protect your eyes from all sorts of harms is by wearing computer glasses. These will filter out most of the blue light rays for the comfort granted to your eyes.

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