Do you find choosing new glasses a hassle?

Are you nervous about making the wrong choice when choosing new eyewear?

Would you like an expert in their field to give you a personal, unhurried advice on what styles, shapes and colours work for you and your prescription?

If all this sounds good, then please read on….

Eyewear Styling Consultation

At Eyewise Opticians, on the outskirts of Uxbridge, in West London, all our clients can take advantage of a Professional Styling Consultation, where a qualified Dispensing Optician will help you select the right choice for your next set of glasses(or two!).

This journey will take you to places all over the world from where we have sourced our collections – many niche, independent eyewear houses from places like Switzerland to Japan to Austria to Hawaii to Denmark, and many more!

We only like to show you the best in eyewear, whether it is by design, quality, choice of sizes and colours-in fact it is all these attributes that will go towards making you feel special in your new eyewear! Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, we are sure you will agree!

Styling consultations are done by appointment only- no different to when you visit a Solicitor or a Dentist. Investing in quality time helps us understand your needs better, and get things right for you.

And like with any aspect of your visit to Eyewise, there is absolutely no pressure to buy. We want you to feel sure you are making the right choice, at your pace, and all we want is to help you along the way!

The “Love your Glasses” Guarantee!

At Eyewise Opticians we stand by the advice and recommendations we give you.  Our reputation is in full public view, front and centre on your nose!  Our 30-Day “Love Your Glasses” Guarantee means that you can’t make a mistake with your eyewear.

If, for any reason, you are not 100% happy with the fit and comfort of your new glasses, or if you have any visual discomfort from the lenses, within 30-days of collecting your new glasses, you can choose an alternative frame and/or lenses that will be more comfortable for you.  All at no charge.  We guarantee that you’ll love your glasses!

In addition, we provide an ongoing aftercare service* for the lifetime of your new glasses.

*Aftercare service refers to ultrasonic water-bath cleaning of frames and lenses, tightening and/or replacement of screws, replacement nosepads, replacement end-tips etc.  Aftercare service is not a lifetime guarantee or warranty.

Booking your next essential eye health check with us is easy. Simply call 01895 234563