EyeDream Contact Lenses

A risk-free alternative to laser eye surgery that provides you with clear, crisp vision throughout the day

EyeDream lenses are a painless and risk-free alternative to laser eye surgery, which will show improvements in your vision straight away.

Eyewise has been providing clients with these great corrective lenses for over 15 years now.Below, you will be able to see how they work and whether you will be able to benefit from them.

Who are EyeDream lenses suitable for?

EyeDream lenses are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy clear, crisp and natural vision throughout their day. The lenses correct short sightedness (Myopia) and can be a great option within a Myopia Management Plan, to help control progression on this condition.

We recommend EyeDream lenses to people who practice any sport or use computers and find that their usual eye-wear gets in the way. They are also suitable for all ages.

How does EyeDream work?

The treatment takes place whilst you sleep, allowing you to get on with your day with crystal clear vision. After a series of tests we will design your lenses specifically for your needs, resulting in you being able to see clearly throughout the day without the need .for correction.

For short-sighted people, when your eyes are closed, the pressure from the eyelid pushes onto the lens, reversing the curvature of the cornea. This means that when you wake up, your vision will be completely in focus.

EyeDream offers the same benefits as laser eye surgery, gently achieving the same results without any risk of damage to your eyesight. The lenses need to be worn every night in order to achieve optimum results during the day. Lenses are replaced every six months, in order to maintain the performance of the system.


I want to try EyeDream, what happens next?

The first thing you need to do is to book an eye examination with our experienced optometrist. They will analyse your vision closely, and if your eyes are suitable for EyeDream lenses, they will talk you through the process and take detailed measurements of your eyes, as well as explaining how you should look after the lenses effectively.

You will also need to visit the optometrist regularly so that the changes in your vision can be monitored.

Booking an EyeDream assessment or your next essential eye health check with us is easy. Simply call us on 01895 234 563 or email us on info@eyewiseopticians.co.uk.

Booking your next essential eye health check with us is easy. Simply call 01895 234563