Why you should invest in a second set of glasses

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Why you should invest in a second set of glasses



opticians uxbridge

I never truly appreciated some of the annoying predicaments glasses wearers get into, until I started wearing glasses myself, about three years ago.

I started wearing glasses for reading at close distance, including some computer work, and gradually found myself relying on their help more and more.

It then got very frustrating when I would forget to take them with me when going out for a meal – there would be times when I would rely on my family to help me out with the menu choice.

There was also a time when I took a book to read on the train, only to realise that I had left the glasses at home – oh how frustrating that was; in the end, I just snoozed away!

Numerous times when I have gone shopping without glasses, only to struggle at the till, frowning and screwing up my eyes to see what I was punching into the credit card machine- thanks to contactless technology, this does not happen much now.

A few examples of the frustration and annoyance at not being organised enough to have a spare set of glasses and take them with me!

I have spent much of my career examining eyes, and giving advice on looking after eyesight. Part of this advice has always been to consider a spare pair of glasses, in the event of an emergency. Consider the scenarios:


  • If tomorrow, your glasses broke and you could not wear them, how would you cope? Would you be able to do your work properly? Would you suffer from eyestrain or headache? Would lack of glasses prevent you from driving or going shopping and do all the necessities that life throws back at you?


  • If your child wears glasses, how would they cope at school? Would it be fair on the child if they were without glasses for a number of days? Would their schoolwork suffer? How would you feel if you were in the unfortunate position that your glasses got broken or lost, and your parents had not prepared for this situation, so you had to cope without glasses until they were fixed?


Just a couple of scenarios, but in reality this is what we often face, day in day out, when we try and help individuals who get into such a predicament. Thankfully, many Eyewise clients do have a good spare set of glasses, so the situation is not always so desperate.

However, there are many other reasons why owning more than one pair of glasses isn’t so unusual:


  1. Task- Specific Eyewear– Glasses specifically made for a task or a hobby, such as reading, knitting, painting, DIY, model-making…. The list is endless! Often a prescription specific for the task at hand can make it easier to carry out the task, in turn help with its enjoyment. Sometimes this can also help with improving posture because you are not constantly lifting your head up or lowering it (such as in varifocal glasses) like a nodding dog!


  1. Sunglasses and Eye Protection– It is well known that protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of Ultra-violet radiation (UVR) is very important in preventing the onset of an eye condition called Macular Degeneration. Macular Degeneration can cause sight loss and visual impairment. It makes sense to wear a decent pair of sunglasses when spending time outdoors- in the garden or walking the dog, or taking in the view by the coast or in the countryside. A pair of wraparound sunnies can ensure your eyes are adequately protected not just from UVR, but also from the effects of a cold wind, or pollen and dust in the air, which can cause the eyes to run.
  2. Sports and Recreation– It is encouraging to know that many people have taken up outdoor pursuits such as running and cycling, as a result of the need to exercise outdoors after a full day working from home. A pair of glasses, made with shatterproof lenses and frames that provide a firm grip on the skull, can provide a very useful solution with such activities which result in a rise in body temperature as well as excess perspiration, and these can affect how your everyday glasses behave. After all, you probably would not wear your everyday work footwear for sports, instead have a pair of trainers just for the recreation.
  3. Update your look– this is by far the most exciting reason for having another pair of glasses! Many people enjoy a boost in their feeling of self-worth and motivation when they wear something fresh and new; for the majority of people who wear glasses, the style, colour and comfort of glasses are all important attributes to consider when choosing new eyewear. Fashion trends change every few months, and with glasses this is no exception. People’s taste can change;  glasses that were chosen a couple of years ago perhaps do not give the excitement they once did; hence an opportunity to revisit the scene and update your style of glasses. Some have various sets of glasses for various occasions or moods- and why not, if this choice helps you in the journey of life!


At Eyewise, we are here to help you get the best from your eyewear. Our qualified Dispensing Opticians have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, to guide you through the various options when it comes to choosing your next pair of glasses.

Be it your first ever pair, or your umpteenth- your ultimate pride and satisfaction in owning exciting eyewear is our goal!

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