School Visit

School Visit

This week two classes from one of our local primary schools will be making their annual visit to Eyewise. This has become an event that all the children look forward to and it forms part of this term’s studies for them.

The classes come along one at a time and spend about forty minutes with us. The children are divided into three groups and we spend ten minutes with each concentrating on different subjects.

Harsh takes the first group into his consulting room to talk them through a simple eye test . Anuja his wife has another group and talks about keeping eyes healthy and shows them the best fruit and veg to eat to achieve this.The final group spends time in reception where we discuss how to protect your eyes from the sun and show them our “magic ” sunglasses.

The children then move to a different room so by the end of their stay they have visited all three sections. We try our best to make it fun for them and there are always plenty of volunteers from the children when we need an assistant.

At the end of their visit each child is given a ” goodie bag ” which usually contains some information leaflets for their parents but also balloons, stickers,key rings etc. for themselves.This year they have also got a wristband that changes colour outside with the UV rays so they can get to understand the importance of protecting their eyes.

The children write about their visit a when they get back to school and this year we are asking them to design a poster based on an optical theme with a prize  for the best one.I’m sure that we will receive lost of interesting entries and have great fun judging them.



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