Royal Baby

Royal Baby

Our congratulations go to Kate and William on the birth of their new baby boy , what an exciting time for us all.

I wonder if they know about Baby Banz , these are a range of sunglasses especially designed for babies and toddlers. I think that we have all become very aware of the danger of UV rays and a lot of money is spent on buying sun tan lotion .However although we all protect our babies and children’s skins we do not always think about their eyes. By the age of 18 children will have absorbed up to 80% of the UV rays that they will be exposed to in their lifetime so eye protection is so important.

Young babies and toddlers can be more at risk because when they are in a buggy they are closer to the pavement which reflects back the UV rays .

Baby Banz have super tough polycarbonate lenses and a soft band to hold them on for your babies comfort. Special filters provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays and they also do a range for children aged  between 2 and 5.

So please remember to protect your babies eyes and maybe you might meet Kate and William in Eyewise buying Baby Banz for the new young Prince.

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