There have been dramatic advances in technology in the last few years which means that Opticians can now diagnose and monitor potentially serious medical conditions that affect your eyes.

Here at Eyewise we now have a new retinal camera and a laser scanning device called an Optomap which gathers information for us on your eye health.

The Optomap scans the retina at the back of your eye which is made up of a layer of cells and works much like the film in a camera. If the retina ever becomes damaged or stops working there is a risk of blindness.

Because of the location of the retina it is difficult to see and the Optician can only view up to 45 degrees of it using traditional methods. However by using the Optomap retinal imaging we can get a 200 degree view which makes it much easier to diagnose any potential problems.

We recommend this imaging for both children and adults so if you are interested or would like more information then please contact us at the Practice and we can book a slot for you.

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