National Eye Health Care Week

National Eye Health Care Week

The retina is one of the most important parts of the eye and if it  becomes damaged or stops working you can potentially go blind.

Thanks to modern technology, which has made great advances in recent years  there is now a new device ” The Optomap ” which is able to photograph and laser scan the retina at the same time.

Due to the location of the retina it has always been difficult to see even using traditional methods however with the Optomap a 200 degrees view can be achieved. This enables the Optician to diagnose certain eye diseases and in some serious cases even cancer or brain tumours.

We recommend that not only adults but also children  would benefit by having this scan which is quick and painless.

We are proud to announce that here at Eyewise we have the only Optomap machine in the area and to coincide with National Eye Health Care week which takes place September 16th-22nd. we are offering the scan at half price.This offer is something that the whole family would benefit from to make sure that their eyes are healthy.

You can if you wish download your ” half price voucher ”  by visiting or alternatively pop in or give us a call at the Practice to arrange an appointment.

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