Family Eye Health.

Family Eye Health.

This week is National Eye Health Week so we all need to be more aware of protecting our eyesight which is one of the most precious senses that we have.

The whole family from the young to the old can benefit this week by checking when their next eye test is due. For the children  if under sixteen or up to the age of nineteen and still in full time education their test is covered by the NHS and they also get help towards the cost of glasses if needed.

Also anyone over the age of sixty is entitled to an eye test which is also covered by the NHS although they will only get help towards the cost of glasses if they receive certain benefits. .However regular eye test for the elderly can help them to enjoy a better quality of life.

Therefore spanning all the generations a regular eye test routine is so important no matter what your age to allow you to get the best vision possible at all times.

So let National Eye Health Week prompt you to check if your test is due and if so to get on and book an appointment today.

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