Children’s Eye Examinations

Children’s Eye Examinations

We have recently had installed at Eyewise  three new machines which incorporate the latest technology.The first of these is the Optomap which is able to take a retinal scan of the eye, this was actually developed by a father whose child lost the sight in one eye due to a retinal detachment.

We all want what is best for our children and good vision is essential for both their physical and educational development.Most children have healthy eyes but a few are born with eye diseases or disorders that may not be obvious..The Optomap captures a view of over 80% of the retina in one image whereas conventional examination methods typically show up 15%.

Early detection of any problems means that treatment can be given to protect your child’s sight and overall wellbeing.So give your child the best start in life by ensuring that they have regular eye checks from an early age.

At Eyewise we are committed to the highest standard of eye care and would like to give your child the opportunity to have a retinal scan. We are offering this to all our young patients at the cost of just £10, so if you want to book an appointment for your child or have any questions then please feel free to contact the Practice.


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