Back to School

Back to School

Even though this has been the warmest summer for ten years we can begin to see that the nights are drawing in and of cause along with that it means the end of the long school holiday.

I’m sure that lots of people are now beginning to panic about the return to school and are busy rushing around buying new uniforms, shoes and books etc. However don’t forget how important it is to make sure that your child has also had their eyes checked .

Most children have excellent sight but if there are any problems the earlier they are picked up the better the outcome.If things are not picked up at an early age then the child could have permanently reduced vision in one or both eyes.

Your child does not have to be able to read or talk to have an eye test and it is free under the NHS for children up to age 19 if still in full time education.

So in that last minute hectic schedule do try and make time for your child’s eye examination.

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