Charity Update – Buddy the Guide Dog’s Training Progress

Charity Update – Buddy the Guide Dog’s Training Progress

Charity Fundraising in 2018

Charity: ‘For it is in giving that we receive’ (St. Francis of Assisi).

As many of you are aware, Eyewise has been busy with fundraising since the beginning of the year for: Guide Dogs for the Blind UK. Guide dogs are so important for restoring confidence, dignity and freedom of movement to the partially sighted or blind.

The dog is not a miracle worker, but it offers them a safe and effective way of getting about independently. This means that partially sighted or blind people no longer have to live in fear of stepping outside of their homes, and for many, gives them a new lease of life.

Your donations to the charity: Guide Dogs for the Blind UK

Through every sight test fee paid by you in January, we have already managed to raise £1200 to sponsor the training of a puppy to become a guide dog. The puppy we are sponsoring is called Buddy; here are a few ‘pupdates’ about his progress so far!

buddy guide dog charity

Buddy the Puppy’s Training Progress

Buddy goes to puppy class every week and has so far learnt to ‘sit’, ‘go down’, ‘come’, ‘take’, ‘leave’. His next challenge will be learning the ‘onto the bed’ command, which will be very useful to his future owner. He is a really obedient and calm pup, which are both very important traits for a guide dog.

Buddy has regular play-dates with other local guide dog puppies, which he enjoys very much. He is always very friendly and approachable to dogs of all shapes and sizes. He even has a best friend; a beautiful flat coat retriever called Toby. They even share the same birthday!

You can watch how Buddy’s been progressing in the video below:

Donations for a worthy cause

All donations towards this excellent cause are still welcome in our efforts to reach our fundraising goal of £2000. Whether it is through sight test fees, or any change you can spare for our charity box in practice, every donation will be much appreciated.

Stay tuned for future ‘pupdates’ on Buddy’s training progress and thank you for your support thus far for Guide Dogs for the Blind UK!

If you would like any further information about our charity fundraising please do contact our friendly team on: 01895 234 563 or email:

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