Your Eye Examination Explained

Your Eye Examination Explained

Most of us attend our Opticians on a regular basis and find it a reasonably pleasant experience. However  we do have some patients for whom the thought of an eye examination fills them with dread. This small minority of people are “afraid ” that they may hear some bad news regarding their eye sight.However they do realise that by having these regular checks they will be doing their very best to protect their vision and the health of their eyes.

The Optician’s consulting room is full of machines and gadgets which for some can prove very daunting. We do our best to put all our patients at ease from the moment they walk through the Practice front door and hopefully make it an enjoyable and for some a fun experience.

Once in the consulting room the Optician will take a brief history of any family poor eye health and your own general health and lifestyle.All of these questions can be relevant if glasses are recommended in making sure you have the appropriate lenses for your vision and needs.

The Optician will not only check your vision but also the health of your eyes and the best way to do this is with digital imaging. A photograph and also a scan of the back of your eyes can be taken and this will give a much better field of view for the Optician and allow for early detection of any potential problems.

You will have plenty of opportunity at the end of the test to voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have regarding your eyes or any recommendations the Optician may have made for you.

Once the test is over the Optician will hand you over to an experienced member of staff who will be made fully aware of these recommendations and will be there to help you.

Hopefully by the time you leave the Practice you will have found the whole experience pleasant and informative and any fears that you may have had have been dispelled . So when that next reminder letter pops through your letter box you will look forward in anticipation to your next visit.


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