” Why is the Print so Much Smaller ? “

” Why is the Print so Much Smaller ? “

” Why is the print so much smaller nowadays ?

How many times have you said the statement as above especially when you are holding a piece of paper further and further away . Or you are in a restaurant with ” mood lighting ” and find yourself really struggling to read the menu and end up taking the candle off the table to see if that helps.

It is this time of year that if you were struggling before to read you may now find it even more difficult.Once we put the clocks back as we did last weekend the changing light and early evenings make us much more aware of this problem.

However help is at hand in two different ways , firstly make sure that you have had your regular eye test and if you had been putting off updating your reading glasses then now would be the time to do this. Secondly you need to make sure that you are reading in a really good light as this can make such a difference.If you are reading during the day then make sure you are near the window to allow as much light as possible to fall on the page.

When reading during the evening you need to have a good light  preferably some type of lamp be it floor standing or table top and angle this so the light shines over your shoulder and on to the page.

You can even buy energy efficient lights that are six times brighter than a 60w bulb and almost bring daylight indoors. We have one here in the Practice as a demonstration model so you can always pop in and have a look and SEE just how good they are.



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