We all like to be thanked

We all like to be thanked

We all like to to be thanked and especially In this day and age  So we were delighted to receive this week two thank you cards from the school children who visited the Practice in October.

The visit was part of their terms work and coincided with the subjects they had been studying. We had two classes with thirty children in each and they both spent about half an hour with us.

Inside the thank you cards are separate letters from each child written in their very best handwriting and they have also included a drawing in each one.

Judging by the content of these letters they had remembered a lot of what they had learnt whilst they were with us.They had obviously enjoyed having a ride in the patients chair in Harsh’s room and also learning about the best food to keep their eyes healthy.The drawings depicted many of the things they had seen and learnt.

We enjoy this annual visit from the schoolchildren and having such a lovely thank you makes it all worth while.

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