Sunglasses Spectacular

Sunglasses Spectacular

We have been very fortunate just lately with the weather , lots and lots of sunshine which has the effect of well-being on us all. However as much as we love the sun it does have it’s dangerous side in the form of the harmful UV rays that it emits. These rays can cause long term damage not only to our skin but also our eyes.

Nowadays we are much more aware of this and  make sure we put on plenty of suntan lotion whilst out in the sun but not all of us remember to protect our eyes.

We now have all this years sunglasses in stock and they range from fun and fashion through to those made for certain sports. We have lots of brands including Michael Kors, Adidas and Maui Jim.

We have offers on all our sunglasses from now until the end of May, we are offering an upgrade to polarised lenses at half the usual cost. Polarised lenses not only offer the full UV protection but also cut out glare , they filter reflected light and provide much more comfortable vision.

We also have a large range of children’s sunglasses and as with our adults all of these are available with or without a prescription.

So why not pop in and have a look at what is on offer and make hay whilst the sun still shines.

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