Sun Awareness Week

Sun Awareness Week

The week beginning Monday 5th of  May is sun awareness week.

There are three types of ultraviolet radiation that come from the sun and the two that can do damage to your eyes are UVA and UVB.

We would not think of going out in a hot midday sun without some sort of sunscreen on our skin but not everyone thinks to protect their eyes but they can burn just like your skin.

Short term exposure to these rays can cause photokeratitis which is a kind of sunburn to the eyes, leaving them feeling gritty and sensitive to light. Long term exposure increases your chances of getting cataracts, chronic eye disease and even skin cancer around your eyelids.

The answer is to have a pair of sunglasses that will give you full protection from these rays. We have just had in our 2014 range of sunglasses that will appeal to all styles and pockets. So let sun awareness week make you stop and think how well  are you protecting your eyes.

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