Summer Eye Health

Summer Eye Health

The children are just about to break up from school and so our minds turn instantly to holidays be they either at  home or away.

We have been having some lovely warm weather so you are far more likely to be spending time outdoors. Mosquitoes and flies are common in this weather so you may well suffer a bite or sting  and need to be extra careful should it be near your eye..A lot of these can be treated with antihistamine products but if using some form of ointment care needs to be taken that it doesn’t get into the eye.

Certain plants can also cause swelling and rashes so once again care needs to be taken that you don’t touch your eyes if you have been in contact with any of these.

An eye bath is always a good investment especially if you are going abroad.. It can be used for washing out any foreign  bodies or soothing any irritations.

Whatever you may be doing this summer have a great but safe time and just remember Eyewise is always here to help you.

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