Streaming Eyes

Streaming Eyes

Do you find that you have constantly streaming eyes or maybe just the one eye that waters uncontrollably ?

Even though our eyes are constantly being lubricated by tears it could be that that your eyes are “dry” and you could be suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome. Another possible cause is a condition called blepharitis where your eye lids can be swollen and itchy due to a bacterial infection. .The eyes can also overflow if the tear ducts become blocked or if you suffer from hay fever.

For all these conditions there is help available although not necessarily a cure. There are a variety of drops, gels and wipes that can be recommended to help alleviate the symptoms.

We  hold a Dry Eye Clinic where we can examine your eyes in great detail, diagnose your condition and recommend the relevant treatment.We will also do a follow up and make up a maintenance plan for you to keep the condition under control.

If you would like any further information or to book an appointment for the Dry Eye Clinic then please feel free to contact us either be phone or email.

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