Sports Goggles for Children

Sports Goggles for Children

The eye is a very vulnerable and precious organ and sight is possibly our most cherished sense.So clearly where there is a threat to our eye health we should do all we can to protect it.

In all impact sports such as football there is a potential eye hazard for those who have to wear spectacles.

Children tend to be much more fearless than adults and any injury to their eyes could have serious long-term effects.

There are two solutions to this dilemma that we can offer you at Eyewise, the first would be contact lenses which can be worn by children as young as eight.However the other would be a pair of prescription sports goggles made with impact resistant lenses.These are a purpose made wrap around frame with full cushioning and a sports band attachment.

We always have a pair in stock so if you are interested why not pop in for more information, we have three young patients who currently wear their goggles for all impact or ball sports.




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