Schoolvision Open Day this Easter

Schoolvision Open Day this Easter

It can be daunting to be a child with learning and reading difficulties and going to school, to only face teasing and taunting because they struggle to read aloud confidently or feel frustrated because they can’t seem to focus on studying. It can seem like all the answers have been exhausted, but that isn’t necessarily the case. 40% of the population in the UK suffers from a learning difficulty because of a visual dysfunction – a huge proportion of people, so you are not alone.

As you may know, Eyewise Opticians offers a Schoolvision Assessment for children with learning and reading difficulties.  To familiarise yourself with the Schoolvision system, and our Colorimetry Assessment, please do click on the links below:

Harsh Shah, our principal optometrist and qualified Schoolvision practitioner has had much success with several students who suffer from visual stress or have learning difficulties. The Schoolvision system has helped them immensely, and has enabled them to flourish at school with a confidence they couldn’t have even dreamed of previously.

Here’s one testimonial from a boy who Harsh has helped over the past year, a proud moment for us and for him, because of how much he has developed and grown since starting this:

“The extent to which my new glasses have impacted and improved my life is astronomical, and I couldn’t have imagined how great my vision would be.

My reading has hugely developed. As well as the words no longer moving or being surrounded by a grey haze, my reading speed has improved so much. Furthermore, my confidence in reading aloud and to others has very much grown. Before having my blue glasses, I would get frequent headaches from looking at the bright screen for more than 15 minutes, and therefore could not do my homework. Now, I can stay on my computer at home and school for as long as I need or want to.

I must thank everyone at Eyewise, especially Mr. Shah, as my life has truly been changed for the better.”

KDC, student

“I would like to thank the team at Eyewise for the wonderful treatment that my son received for Visual Stress. He was suffering with daily headaches which affected every aspect of his life, including his school work. When he had to do computer research he would rely on me to do it for him as he could not cope with the glare from the computer. Even though he is a bright child, he rarely read for pleasure.

Since getting his tinted lenses his life has improved dramatically. He no longer gets headaches every day, and can spend as much time as he wants on the computer; it’s wonderful to see him now choose to do extra school work, and he now takes a reading book into to school every day!”

Parent of KDC

Now, Eyewise are holding a Schoolvision Open Day, so you can see exactly what the assessment entails, speak to our expert practitioner, or any of our friendly team for advice or more information. There will also be a demonstration of the Intuitive Colorimeter, which can be used to prescribe tinted spectacles to help with reading.

This event is FREE to attend; all you need to do is register your interest by following the link below:

Once you have submitted your details, one of the team will contact you to book a time for you to come in. This will be held on Tuesday 5th April, from 10am to 4pm.

This could be the key to helping a child (or adult!) to reach their full potential, something which every individual deserves to experience, so do come along if you feel that you, your child, or anybody that you know could benefit from the Schoolvision system.

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