New Year

New Year

Well 2014 is now here and for us at Eyewise it is going to be yet another busy year , we will be offering our patients additional new services.

The first of these  will be starting towards the end of January which will be a Macular clinic where with the aid of a new machine we can measure one of the risk factors of developing Macular Degeneration.

We also will be introducing a Colorimetry clinic using yet another new machine called a Intuitive Colorimeter. This helps in the assessment of symptoms of visual stress, migraines and dyslexia.

There is also a new spectacle lens available which helps to protect the eyes from ” blue light ” which is emitted from computers , tablets and I phone screens. We have just started to recommend this to our patients and will continue to do so this year.

As usual we will be holding fund raising events throughout the year and Harsh will be taking part in the Berlin Marathon in September.

So already 2014 for us and our patients is looking to be a very busy year .Our best wishes to you for this New Year and may it be a healthy and happy one for us all.

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