Light Nights

Light Nights

The clocks have changed and thankfully before us once again are the light nights.Even now only three days after the change it is still not fully dark at 8 pm.

Even so we still need to have good lighting in our homes especially if your vision is poor or maybe you just have trouble picking up detail.

At 65 years of age you need twice as much light as you did at 21 so you can see how important good lighting is especially as you get older.

In our homes we tend to have two main types of lighting , one for general and another for tasks such as reading or knitting.

You can buy standard lamps or table lamps which have bulbs that are six times brighter than a 60 watt bulb and brings near daylight indoors which is a great help when it comes to reading or any other hobbies. We have one of these in the Practice so if you are interested why not pop in and see for yourself.



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