Happy Birthday to Eyewise

Happy Birthday to Eyewise

Today is a very special date in the calender, 12/12/12 this will not happen again, it is also an important date for Eyewise as today we celebrate our 16th. birthday.

Harsh has obviously been here right from the beginning and is very proud of all he has achieved . He was followed two years later by Lesley the Practice Manager and four years later by Doreen our Optical Advisor and Receptionist. The last to join our team was Bijal our Dispensing Optician who has now been with us for four years.

It is a great asset to Eyewise to have such a long standing team who over the years have come to know many of our patients as friends. This is always shown by the support given to us whenever we have one of our Curry nights, Charity Days or sponsoring Harsh on one of his runs.

So not only do we want to wish Eyewise a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY but a huge thank you to all our fantastic patients.


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