Half Term Fun

Half Term Fun

Once again we had a very successful week during half term with the Practice being full of children enjoying the crafts and competitions we had on offer.

We had taken a serious of close up photographs of several items around the reception area and the children had to identify what they were.This was one of the most popular activities and they were rewarded with a dip in our sweet selection.The crafts included making animal spectacles and union jack windmills all of which the children were able to take home.

We also had a jar full of money and a competition to guess how much was in it and the winner won the jar and contents. This was won by Alfie who had the closest guess and now has £12.92 to spend much  to his delight.We charged 25 pence a go and raised the sum of £16 which will go to Michael Sobell House Hospice.

During the week we were offering children a half term/half price offer on a Optomap scan where a digital image is taken of the back of the eye giving a much wider field of view than traditional methods.We had a very good up-take on this offer and the parents and children had a fascinating view and tour of behind their eyes.

So when all said and done it was a very good week from the point of view of both children and staff and hopefully helped to keep the little ones occupied during their visit to Eyewise.


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