We had a very successful half term week at Eyewise providing lots of fun and activities for our young patients. The most popular activity was ” Guess how many sweets in the jar * at which both adults and children were keen to have a go.

We had many guesses ranging from 83 to 374 but the winning number was actually 133 and the closest guess to this was made by Jack who thought the jar contained 134 sweets. So he was a very happy young man as his prize actually was the jar of sweets.

We were  only charging just 20p. for each guess that was made but even so we raised £8 and this was used to buy a poppy for each member of staff so this money also went to a very worthy cause.

During the month of October we were also raising money for Optometry Giving Sight and Harsh very kindly agreed to donate £1 for every sight test that he carried out during that month. In the Practice we were also asking patients for a donation especially if we carried out a repair to their glasses we then asked people to donate some money instead of paying us.

We raised £235 from the sight tests and £80 from within the Practice making a grand total of £315 for Optometry Giving Sight.

So over the past few weeks we have managed to donate quite a bit of money to various charities as we also raised £205 from our Macmillan coffee morning back in September. So a very big THANK YOU to all our loyal and generous patients who have helped us in our fund raising.



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