The value of your feedback!

The value of your feedback!

In business it is a constant challenge focussing on improving your processes and systems, ultimately to ensure customers are delighted with their experience when they visit Eyewise Opticians.

Occasionally we do get things wrong, and I am only too grateful for feedback from disgruntled clients who are, after all, part of the larger Eyewise family, and have our interests at heart when they make suggestions or highlight areas where we could do better.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my daily work is seeing children who, with a pair of glasses or contact lenses, flourish with their education or sporting activities. In particular, I am referring to the Eyedream contact lens, which corrects your short sight when you sleep with the lens, allowing you to enjoy clear vision, with freedom from glasses or contact lens correction through the day!

The Eyedream system of contact lens correction is not new- we have been fitting such lenses for over 12 years now- and my youngest clients- twin boys- Akshaj & Rithvik- were only eight years old when I fitted them with Eyedream lenses.

I recently saw them in the clinic, and was pleased with the stability in their eyesight that Eyedream lenses have given; moreover, it was  a fantastic feeling to have received a lovely testimonial, from such loving and supportive parent, Mr & Mrs Rahul:

Testimonial 27/01/2020

When we were provided with our twins (8 years old ) eye test results, we were shocked mainly because their shortsightedness was the same as what an adult might have and that it was going to worsen as they grow. We couldn’t imagine how bad it could turn out to be. So, we wanted not only to find a solution, but also control the Myopia. Our search led to Ortho-K ( overnight vision correction) lenses and we approached Eyewise Opticians without having
much idea of how and what it will be.

Dr. Shah gave us all the information and confidence to try out the Ortho-k lenses and answered all our doubts. Although this was an effort from the kids side, he still was forthcoming in providing the lenses to the kids and wanted them to succeed. Because of him explaining to kids, they understood the importance and were not scared to put in some foreign object in their eyes (even though they were 8 years old at that time). We still remember when Eyewise staff worked patiently with the kids to help them practice wearing the lenses.

Now our kids are very happy with overnight vision correction (Ortho-K) lenses and have set
into a routine. They are able to go about their day without any difficulties including playing
sports, swimming etc., We have now completed a year and it has really controlled their
Myopia. We are very pleased that we found the best opticians for our kids. We take this
opportunity to thank Dr. Shah to have shown us a great possible solution to our kids
shortsightedness since it has changed their lifestyle in a lot better way.

– Parents 
Mr & Mrs Rahul

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