Our eyes have feelings too you know!

Our eyes have feelings too you know!

Crying Eyes

A common complaint at this time of the year is that of sore, tired, eyes. Eyes that are often watery. Eyes that feel like something is in them- a somewhat gritty feeling as if there is sand in your eyes. In some cases, there might be discharge from the eyelids upon waking up, or trouble opening the eyes in the morning. In a few cases, the person may get recurrent eye infections.

Dry eye symptoms are more prevalent in dry atmospheres; typical office environments with central heating or air conditioning. People of all ages can get dry eye symptoms, and these can vary in intensity from time to time.

It is now well known that use of digital devices, such as phones, tablets and PC’s cause a reduced blink rate, which may contribute to symptoms of dry eye. Driving long distances, especially on motorways, can have a similar effect.

Many people get these symptoms because of the side effects of medication they may be taking. Some people with autoimmune conditions will often get dry eye.

At Eyewise, we have been carrying out dry eye assessments for a number of years now. We go through a series of simple tests to look at the quality and quantity of tears that your eyes produce, thoroughly assess the eyelids and the glands that produce oily secretions that keep your tears stable.

Recently we have added a small, simple gadget to help with our diagnosis. A simple pen-like device measures tear film osmolarity, a numerical value to give an indication of how concentrated your tears are. Your tears are made up of a combination of mucous, water, oil, and many other salts and ions, and it is this balance of concentration of these elements that determines the degree of dryness.

This I-pen, on its own, can help work out potential solutions to managing the symptoms- these could be a combination of heat bags or pads, eyelid massage techniques, eye drops and/or ointments. Dietary options and the benefits of supplements can be addressed too.


Dry eye symptoms come and go, so the condition can usually be tackled effectively if detected early on.

Our Eyecare plan scheme is an easy monthly payment modality that can help budget for regular eye care, including dry eye assessments.

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