Easter Offer

Easter Offer

I know we are all so fed up with this terrible cold weather  but the sun must be going to make an appearance soon. The clocks change this weekend so maybe the weather will as well or maybe you are going abroad to seek the sun.

Once it does appear we all need to protect our eyes from the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun which could damage your eyes.

You could get yourself a good pair of sunglasses with the correct depth of tint and a UV filter incorporated in them or you could have transitions lenses in your glasses. In the outside  bright light these darken like sunglasses but return to normal clear lenses once back inside.

We are doing a special offer if you have never tried transitions lenses before and are not sure if you will get on with them. We will make up a pair of glasses for you and if after six weeks you change your mind  we will replace them with clear lenses at no charge to you.

So why not give them a try and you will be ready for the sun once it finally does appear.

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