Does Your Vision Meet the Required Standard for Driving ?

Does Your Vision Meet the Required Standard for Driving ?

We are all aware that our eyesight needs to meet a required standard for driving as shown by the fact that it is one of the first things that is checked when you take a driving test.

It is not unusual for people who have been driving for years to not notice any gradual deterioration in their eyesight. It has been shown that one in three drivers may fail to reach the required standard. There can be a fine up to £1000 and points put on your licence if you were found to be below this standard and not wearing corrective spectacles.

It is therefore so important especially as a driver to have regular eye tests so that you don’t put yourself or others in jeopardy.Keeping a spare pair in the car is always a good option especially if you only need them for driving.

Driving at night can also cause problems because of glare from oncoming traffic so make sure that your glasses have an anti reflection coating on them to help combat this . Also glare from the sun especially when sitting low in the sky can also cause problems so make sure that you have good quality sunglasses for driving.

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