Coronavirus Changes: Eyewise Update

Coronavirus Changes: Eyewise Update

We have postponed all routine eye test and styling appointments for now.


Really the aim now is to encourage our dear clients and their loved ones to stay indoors and stay safe and healthy.


Our door may be shut for a few weeks, but we are still here to help – just a phone call or email away!


If there is anybody out there who is looking for some help with advice about their eyes, or glasses or contact lenses, please feel free to get in touch, during office hours (9.00-5.00 weekdays) by telephone: 01895 234563. You will be able to talk to one of the lovely ladies who are working hard behind the scenes to support the business.


Alternatively, you can always send your request by email:

We will endeavour to reply at the earliest.


I do hope that you are getting used to a different way of life – for me, it has been great spending more valuable time with the family – we have had lots of laughter and joy; spent time in the garden, talked to my plants, and caught up on reading some books that were started some time back.


We have even started greeting each other in the morning with a sing-song and a smile!


I have suddenly begun to appreciate even more the value of home-cooked food – you can be as inventive as your imagination takes you; find ingredients in the larder that you never knew existed, family dinners together are not rushed, and bring a sense of togetherness that we all need, more so now than ever!


This different way of life is giving rise to endless exciting opportunities!


Let’s hope that we all stay healthy and can get through the challenging times quickly!


Here’s to your health!



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