Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Do you ever find that your glasses are getting ” in the way ” or you like to play sport and they are forever slipping down and not allowing you to play at your best. Then help could be at hand in the form of contact lenses.

Regardless of age and prescription  there are contact lenses to suit everyone and their lifestyle.Just imagine having that all round peripheral vision and not having to keep pushing up or fiddling with your specs They just give you so much more freedom and are very easy to get on with and care for.

There is now even an ap that you can get for your Iphone which has lots of tips and advice for you once you start to wear contact lenses.There are videos showing you how to care for your lenses and also you how you insert and remove them.. There is even a reminder system on there which will let you know if your lenses are due to be changed for a new pair.

So once again modern technology is there to help, so if you have ever thought about trying contact lenses just contact the Practice and we can arrange a FREE trial for you.

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