Christmas Sun

Christmas Sun

Well it is only fifteen more sleeps to Santa and the big day will be here and who knows maybe even a white Christmas although I don’t think that will happen this year.

However we may still be lucky enough to see the sun or you may be jetting off for a Christmas or New Year skiing break. Do remember that the Winter sun can be just as damaging as it is in the Summer. It may not have the same strength but the harmful UV rays can still get through .

At this time of year the sun sits very low and if you are not wearing your sunglasses can be blinding especially when you are driving. Also when the snow is around the UV rays get reflected back , which is why skiers need to wear goggles to prevent ” snow blindness “.

If you are lucky to be going away this Christmas or staying at home with family and friends then just remember to keep your sunglasses handy just in case  we should be fortunate enough to have some bright sunny days.

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