A Further Top Five Tips for Healthy Eues

A Further Top Five Tips for Healthy Eues

Research Your Family History

Many eye conditions run in families from long and short sight to more serious diseases like glaucoma. Knowledge of this history can help detect a condition before it becomes serious.

2 Wear Prescribed Spectacles

Always ensure you are wearing your most up to date prescription in your spectacles to get the most from your eyesight.,these lenses will help your eyes to work more efficiently.

3 Have Regular Sight Tests

Eye tests. don’t just pick up eye problems but also general health concerns like high blood pressure and diabetes.You should consider having an eye test at least every two years.

4 Take Regular Breaks

Eye muscles which are active as in VDU work can get very tired and headaches can occur.even in those with normal sight. Let your eyes relax every hour or so and look away from your screen for at least twenty seconds.

5 Better Safe than Sorry

The sudden onset of symptoms such as blurred vision, flashing lights, floaters or pain might in rare cases indicate a problem that needs treating.If this happens then get your eyes checked as soon as possible.

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