Schoolvision & Colorimetry Assessments for Children with Learning Difficulties

Schoolvision & Colorimetry Assessments for Children with Learning Difficulties

Does your child suffer with learning difficulties? If so, school can be an overwhelming experience for them, which can impact negatively on their education and confidence.

A large proportion of the UK population have learning difficulties caused by a visual dysfunction.

Although it might feel like it sometimes, you can rest assured that your child isn’t alone in their struggle.

Specialist Assessments for Learning Difficulties

Our Schoolvision Assessment is one of the options that is available to ease the symptoms of learning and reading difficulties. We are also an accredited centre for Colourimetry and Overlay Assessments.

You can familiarise yourselves with our specialist assessments, by clicking on the images below:

schoolvision assessment for learning difficulties

colorimeter assessment learning difficulties

Testimonial for Schoolvision & Colorimetry Assessments

Harsh Shah, our qualified Schoolvision practitioner, has experienced success with several students on the Schoolvision scheme. The Schoolvision system has helped them to flourish positively at school and unlock their full learning potential.

Here is one testimonial from a satisfied parent:

“Last year, I was devastated to hear my child say that the reason why she was struggling to read her school book was because all the words were blurred & kept moving around!

Since Harsh tested my daughter, she has been wearing her prescription tinted glasses for reading & computer work and her progress has been amazing.

She is catching up with her school work and no longer fears reading out aloud in front of her friends. I cried when I heard her read out aloud fluently for the first time in her life.

Thank you to Harsh for being so patient in explaining Visual Stress and motivating her to improve month by month.”

This could be the key to helping your child to reach their full potential. If you feel that this would benefit them or you would like to arrange a free demonstration of our Intuitive Colorimeter, please contact us on 01895234563 or email:

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