What is Anti –Reflection coating?

What is Anti –Reflection coating?

Often individuals who wear glasses experience a halo effect around headlights and streetlights when driving in the dark and this is where the anti-reflection coating can really help. The coating eliminates this effect and can make night driving much more comfortable.

An anti-reflective coating on your glasses can also be beneficial if you spend a great deal of time on the computer. Working on a computer for an extended period of time can lead to eye strain, as your eye muscles struggle to view specific areas of the monitor and battle the glare. Typical symptoms of eyestrain while working on the computer include blurry vision, dry eyes, and irritation. A coating that reduces reflections can decrease eyestrain and make it possible to work on the computer for longer periods of time without difficulty.

Eyestrain can also happen to people who do not work on computers for instance spending a great deal of time in a dimly lit room.  If you experience eyestrain, no matter the reason, an anti-reflective coating on your glasses may be able to help.

The anti-reflection coating also comes standard with a scratch-resistant one which helps to protect the plastic lenses from scratching.

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